R opens up to me the most while we’re laying next to each other in the bed at night when I’m putting her to sleep. This night, she started to turn away from me and hold back her tears as she said, “mommy, we have three math groups now. The kids in class told me I’m not as smart, and I’m in the lower group.”

I knew I would have these conversations with R since she was diagnosed as dyslexic, but it’s hard to know what the right thing is to say in the moment.

I said, “You don’t know which group is which, and I’m pretty sure the teachers wouldn’t say. Also, mommy is not very good at art. Do you love mommy any less?” She said, “no, of course not.” I said, “I love you whether you are math group 1, 2 or 3. All that I ask is that you try hard.”

She rolled over and gave me a hug and went to sleep.

A few days later, M was getting frustrated with a video game and said, “I’m not good at anything.” R then responded, “Yes you are, and we love you whether you a good at something or not.”

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