All Ears

Laying in the bed with R one night rubbing her back and her head to help calm her before sleep, and she says to me with sadness, “I hate my ears. They stick out and the other kids make fun of me.”

I said, “I love your ears. They are your daddy’s ears, and every time I look at them, I think about him. You have something of his. They have meaning.” She smiled and touched her ears.

I then told her the story about Jennifer Grey changing her nose and then everybody liked the old Jennifer Grey better because she was unique and now she looks like everybody else. That probably wasn’t the best story to tell to show my point. R said, “Well that was mean that they didn’t like her when she changed.” I stumbled through, “Well my point is that it’s special to be unique and not look like others.”

R thought about it all for a bit and then settled in to sleep. I’m pretty sure this topic will come up again.

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