Couch Love

After squishing the three of us into a love seat for 6 years, I decided to finally buy a new couch. New furniture purchases are rare in my house. My mom likes to visit estate sales and usually finds something used for me. This time I decided to get something new.

I told the girls I was excited for the new couch to arrive. When it finally did, I said to them, “Don’t you just love it. It’s great!” They responded with frowns to my confusion and told me “You love the couch more than us.”

“What?”, I said in astonishment. “That’s impossible and ridiculous. I’m just excited about it is all.”

A few days later, we were sitting on the couch (that I no longer can call by name) and the girls were fighting over me. I suggested that one sit on my lap for 5 minutes and the other get the dog in their lap, and then we rotate. That made them excited and they agreed. After five minutes were up, they both wanted the dog instead of me. So I said, “You love the dog more than meeeeee” with a whine and a smile. Hopefully, that ended the couch conversation.

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