Alphabet Poop

My dad is a pediatrician, and my mother is a pediatric nurse.  I grew up knowing how important having daily bowel movements is to overall health, and most recently the media has shown how important it is to your mental health too.  So I find it natural and the role of a parent to ask my girls daily about their poop.  I give them high fives for snake poops, and we talk about the importance of drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables if they have balls for poop.

As usual, I asked R before bed, “When did you poop last?”  She said, “Today.”.  “Great,” I said.  “Was it a snake poop?”  She said with a smile, “Yes, and the weird thing is that it came out in the letter R.”  “I guess that deserves two high fives?” I said with a laugh.

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