Another View

The girls and I decided to make the extra upstairs bedroom into an office for the three of us.  We were rearranging the furniture and quickly my vision of an office with my work and the kids’ school work got overtaken with M’s doctor kit and mini “office” to take care of sick stuffed animals on her side and R’s red boa and decorations on her side of the room.  I started thinking that this may be a bad idea to keep all my work organized.

I said aloud, “This may not be the best idea.  I don’t want you girls getting into my work stuff and making a mess of it.  I’m going to be upset if my work gets disorganized.”  R replied “Yes, I know what you mean.  I feel the same way when M messes up my stuffed animals when I have spent so much time laying them out in a certain way.”

I first thought that the stuffed animals getting disorganized was minor and not worth getting upset over compared to what I was talking about.  And then I thought she probably thinks the same of my work.  It’s all in how you view it and how you choose to view it.

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