Your Daddy is a Hero

I was approached by an advocate of organ donors to tell our story in a documentary, and I have been thinking of whether I should get involved. A little over three years ago, my husband lost his life to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. At only 48 years old, we waited and hoped he would hold on to get a lung transplant and start a new chapter, but his body gave out before he could receive a new set of lungs. Wanting to then bless someone else with what he was not fortunate enough to receive, he donated both his kidneys to women who needed them and had small children and a family.

As the surviving spouse, you reflect on the past and try to figure what stories do you want to tell your children about your spouse to keep the memory alive and in their hearts.

So I said, “Girls, you know your daddy’s a hero, right?” They asked me what I meant. I told them, “ He saved two women’s lives. Two women with small children and a husband. He gave them his organs which kept them alive.” They thought a minute and then cried, “But no one saved our daddy!” And I thought, they are right. No one saved him. And there was my answer. I needed to write this blog and participate in the documentary, so other daddy’s could be saved. I hope a few people read this and think of my little 8 and 6 year old girls who miss their daddy and register to be organ donors. According to, there are currently 120,000 Americans waiting on the organ transplant list.

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