Packaging Good – The Book

Marketing exec, mom and grieving widow-turned-philanthropist, Sally Mundell is publishing a book that shares her journey of loss, discovery and triumph as she channels the pain of losing her husband into the creation of The Packaged Good, a non-profit on a mission to empower kids to give back.  Sally relays the lessons she learned along the way that helped her create something beautiful out of tragedy and forge a path of healing for herself and her daughters by giving to others.  Complete with a step-by-step guide to create your own non-profit and a list of easy ways to start giving back today, this book provides practical advice for achieving fulfillment and healing through giving in today’s busy, success-driven society.  And, Sally’s personal story offers a healthy dose of inspiration for anyone struggling through a setback or loss.

100% of the book’s proceeds will go to The Packaged Good.  Book will release in December 2017.